DAY 2 - A Path to Follow

25th June 2022 started with the breakfast as always, after which the participants were ready for the new day - which we called Careers/Professions day. We started with the board game where the participants were divided into groups of 6 and competed with each other. With their own victory conditions, one could choose to pursue Fame, Happiness, Money, or a combination of all three. The rule was set to limit the total number of "points" earned in the 3 categories up to 60 points which could be converted as e.g., 60 Happiness, 0 Fame, 0 Money; or 20 of each; or any other combination. Each player was trying to win by going through any number of different "occupation paths". All paths had some prerequisite for entry, and benefits accrue from going through any of the paths more than once. The different occupations were designed to be suited to different strategies, eg. Hollywood is good for fame points. In the end, the winner was the team who got their pre-set goal first and achieved everything they ever wanted in life. After the board game, we reflected on where participants talked about their feelings during the game; lessons learned and knowledge developed.

After 30 mins. break, the participants got involved in another session where they imagined that they all were in the airplane that crashes. The participants were divided into six teams and chose their profession. After that, they debated why their profession was important to survive the crash. Then they voted and eliminated weak participants. Only 1 winner stayed in a team and then the winners competed with each other so that we had one person left out of all participants. This session helped them to discover the important points of different professions, and even try to defend that profession.

After lunch, it was time for the new game. In this game, the participants were going to imitate the market economy in a mini version. Each participant got two resources and then with the other team members they put all the resources on the flip chart. After which it was up to the team to design resource and object chains on the flipchart. For each organization created, we noted its name and asked them to register it in the scheme on the flipchart paper. In the end, the group had to explain the whole chain they’ve created while the facilitator stressed the relationships created among the various actors - suppliers, collaborators, freelancers, landlords, business to business deals, business to consumer deals, etc. Afterward, the facilitator launched a discussion about the process that happened and how it related to work. Then the participants got a half an hour break. 

After the break, we divided the rest of the day into three parts. First, we focused on the stereotypes of different jobs. The facilitator read different statements, for example, "sports are for boys only" and we asked the participants to stand on different edges of the imaginary line, where one edge was for "strongly agree" and one for "strongly disagree". Then they explained their positions and made discussions about them. The second part of the day was about reflecting on the day. The participants evaluated the sessions and expressed their positive and negative feedback which were again discussed with the team leaders in the last part of the day - the group leaders' meeting. 

And then after the dinner, it was the cultural evening of Armenia where the team made cuisine and history presented to the other teams. Some photos are shown below. For all photos of the DAY 2, follow the link: