DAY 3 - A Path to Follow

26th May 2022 was the third day of the project, and this day we called "getting to know myself" day. Finishing with the breakfast, the participants were given a marker and a big piece of paper. Then we asked them to fold the paper in parts and to write their strong points and fears in different corners regarding their career development concerns. Then they created a T-shirt out of it to put on. They had T-shirts with strong points in front and fears on the back. We divided the participants into 6 small groups, where they had to share their common strong points and common fears. The groups had to select a fear and write it down on paper to put on 1 of the 6 tables. Each group had to come up with a story for one fear and write it down on paper. Then each group moved from one table to another, reading the stories and offering and discussing solutions. We had a debriefing after the activity.

After the break, the participants were again divided into six groups. Each participant thought about his/her own personal moments/ persons/ experiences/ tools/ tricks which helped them or in self-development. They wrote down each one on a piece of paper. The individual choices were shared and discussed with the small group, and then they selected the best methods for personal development, which were mutual to the others in the group. Then participants shared those key points and inspiration moments in the plenary, where each group presented with the big group one by one their selection of methods. After the presentation and open discussion, the plenary decided on how to locate the selected suggestions in a flipchart with a line of importance from 1-to 36.

After the lunch, another game was waiting for the group. In this game the facilitator instructed participants to form a straight line across the room, about an arm's length apart, leaving space in front and behind. The facilitator explained the rules of the activity creating a safe environment for everyone. For example, when the facilitator was reading “If you are over 18, take one step forward,” only those who were over 18 should move and everyone else should stand still. Each step was an average length step. The facilitator started to read the statements regarding professions and careers one at a time allowing time for participants to take a step. When all the statements were read, the participants were invited to sit in a circle and discuss their experiences and feelings. Then the break was given. 

After the break the participants were ready for another session, where each participant got a paper. And on this river we asked them to draw their life as a river. For example, which were the key moments? Who was helping/supporting/inspiring them? What did they achieve? What they would like to achieve next? Each participant answered these questions drawing their life as a river. They were allowed to use everything they wanted and to be as much creative and expressive as they wish/can. Later participants came back to the plenary and, on a voluntary base, some of them presented their rivers and their flow in their life.

As traditional for the each day, the third day also have its reflection group and group leaders meeting where the day 3 was evaluated and the comments were noted. After the dinner it was time for the team from Cyprus to represent their country to other teams. Some photos are attached below, for all photos follow the link: