DAY 6 - A Path to Follow

29th May 2022 was the sixth day of the project, and this day we called "Happiness in Your Career" day. After breakfast, the participants started the activity to find an answer to the question "what is happiness?".  Each participant received a role identity which are grouped role identities and they needed to find their group with non-verbal communication. Each group has different identities such as "Doctor, teacher, politician, engineer, hairdresser", "Father, mother, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather", "Dog, cat, horse, bird, crocodile, caw" and "Tree, flower, bush, grass". They were asked to walk around and individually reflect on their role trying to feel what happiness was from their identity perspective. While reflecting they had to write down on paper 1-3 sentences – quotes what “Happiness is…” in their role. Then their task was to find their group members without speaking. The group was given 20 mins. to create a short play to express their common understanding of happiness. The presentations of small performances were followed by a discussion with guiding questions where participants expressed their opinions, concerns, or new perspectives about happiness.

After the break, the participants started again using their teamwork skills. In the new activity, the participants were working in teams (5 teams). They were given Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs (one need per team). They were given reading materials to explore topics. Based on their explorations they prepared a flipchart explaining the needs. They were asked to find the connections between the need and a career/ job. They brought personal examples and introduced ways to have this need satisfied while at work. The results of the activity were planned to be presented after lunch. 

After lunch, the teams were ready to present their results. Each team had 10 minutes to present the results of their work. Each presentation was followed by questions. We were giving more theoretical explanations and knowledge about the needs. As a result, the participants were aware of different needs and ways to satisfy them.

The break was given, and after that the participants started to analyze the question - "how to be a good member?". For that 6 topics were placed in 6 spots of a room. Topics were about 1. Understanding your role, 2. welcoming collaboration 3. holding yourself accountable 4. being flexible 5. having a positive attitude 6. committing to the team. 

Participants were asked to go around, see the topics and select the most interesting ones for them. They formed teams of 6 people around the topic and had 30 minutes to discuss the topics and made a flipchart around it. They were given personal examples, tips, and advice. Their results were presented to the entire team. Each team had 6 minutes and 4 minutes for questions and debriefing.

The activity was followed by the reflection group and group leaders meeting where Day 6 was evaluated and the comments were noted. After the dinner, it was time for the team from Norway to represent their country to other teams. Some photos are attached below, for all photos follow the link: