DAY 8 - A Path to Follow

31st May 2022 was the eighth day of the project, and this day we called "Youthpass/Closure" day. The day was mainly about informing the participants about the Youthpass in a detailed way. After breakfast, the participants started the activity of "Youthpass Islands" where 8 imaginary islands were created for 8 key competencies of the Youthpass certificate. Each island had a leader who knows this particular competence well. Participants visited each island in mixed teams - they shared their knowledge about it, reflected on themselves on what they had developed, and created output like posters, hashtags, pictures, videos, and drawings.

After the break, the participants were guided by the facilitator through the process of filling in the certificate. They received links by email and were asked to provide their personal experience in it. Group leaders were giving further instructions on how to fill it in properly in case there was a need.

After lunch, the participants were challenged to get a certificate of a random person, read the name of the person quietly and then describe this person in the big group. They described the person with experiences they had together, attitudes, stories. Other people needed to guess the person and delivered the certificate to him/ her.

After the break, the participants attached A4 papers on the back and gave each other compliments, feedbacks, stories generated together. The idea was to document their feelings and keep them as memories. Red bracelet - participants sat in a dark room; peaceful music was playing. One by one they expressed their feelings about the recent experience. A person next to each other made a bracelet on their arm. This stayed as a memory and a reminder of the experience.

The activity was followed by the reflection group and group leaders meeting where Day 8 was evaluated and the comments were noted. After that it was free time to say goodbye to each other; to do things they had not finished.  And then they had free time till the dinner to prepare themselves for the departure.

Some photos are attached below, for all photos follow the link: