Project "Ecology Connects People"

The five-day workshop is an initiative created as part of the project "Ecology connects people" that organized by Klaster Innowacji Społecznych. They will take place from 4 to 8 April 2022 in Gliwice, Poland. On behalf of TtB Association, Mehman Ahmadli - chairman of our organization carried out the first part of the training which aim was to bring closer the popular Norwegian methods of training Tretherapy – education among trees, or Hagetherapy – education through work in the garden. All this is in accordance with "Friluftsliv", which is the Norwegian way of life close to nature. Participants improved their competencies in the field of involvement and integration of children and young people with a slight degree of intellectual disability into their environmental education program.With the support of trainers, all interested parties will jointly create four scenarios of workshops that will be used in working with people with disabilities, both by organizations participating in the project and other organizations from around the Poland. The participants received certificates confirming their participation in the training.